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For over 85 years Eigen Haard has been a household word in Oegstgeest and surroundings! 

Are you looking for a real estate agent in the Leiden region? Because of our long standing experience as NVM real estate agent we know a lot about the real estate market in this area. For the sale, rental, purchase, valuation or insurance of your house, go to Eigen Haard. 

On the rental market we are a big player, our rental supply is quickly found by expats around the World.

In short, Eigen Haard is specialist in all areas of the housing market. We can truly say:

                                    AT HOME IN ALL HOMES!

Current offers

Price reduced

For sale: Weipoortseweg 80A, 2381NH Zoeterwoude

€930,000 Effective area242 m² Plot size919 m²

For rent: Jacoba van Beierenlaan 81, 2353DT Leiderdorp

€1,875 /mo Effective area172 m²

For rent: Grundel 75, 2377DA Oude Wetering

€1,295 /mo Effective area113 m²

For sale: Joseph Haydnlaan 27, 2324AP Leiden

€230,000 Effective area71 m²

For rent: Boerhaavelaan 185, 2334EJ Leiden

€1,325 /mo Effective area108 m²

For sale: Frans Halslaan 255, 2343EG Oegstgeest

€269,000 Effective area85 m²
New for rent

For rent: Witte Rozenstraat 54A, 2311XX Leiden

€1,950 /mo Effective area130 m²

For rent: De Wetstraat 15, 2332XS Leiden

€1,295 /mo Effective area98 m²

For sale: Beatrixlaan 2, 2361SH Warmond

€1,150,000 Effective area245 m² Plot size694 m²
New for rent

For rent: Nieuwebrugsteeg 2E, 2311JX Leiden

€1,175 /mo Effective area70 m²
New for sale

For sale: Hofbrouckerlaan 21, 2341LM Oegstgeest

€680,000 Effective area138 m² Plot size235 m²

For sale: Leeuwerikstraat 8, 2333VX Leiden

€565,000 Effective area135 m² Plot size109 m²

For rent: Nieuwe Rijn 8B, 2312JB Leiden

€1,795 /mo Effective area129 m²

For sale: Levendaal 90-92, 2311JN Leiden

€460,000 Effective area104 m² Plot size80 m²

For rent: Lammermarkt 110, 2312CW Leiden

€1,495 /mo Effective area100 m²

For rent: Plantijnstraat 68, 2321JE Leiden

€1,750 /mo Effective area125 m²