The broker can  negotiate  with several  candidates  simultaneouslyThis should, however, he  does  to those concerned  to make known
You can  not force  you are negotiatingYou are only in  negotiation when the  seller responds to  your bidSo if  the  seller  makes a counterAlso, the  selling broker  explicitly  indicate that he  is negotiating  with youYou are  not negotiating  the  selling  broker says that  he is your  bid  will consult  with the seller.


No. The  highest courtthe Supreme Court  has  in fact  ruled that the  asking price of a  property is an invitation  to make  an offerIf the  asking price  of an  ad or  property guide, then you do  a bidThe seller can  then  decide whether to  accept  your  offer or not,  or that  his  broker a  counter offer.  He  may  even decide  the  asking price  during the negotiations  to increase.
If  the  broker says  'under offer', it  means that he  has  a serious  candidatewhich  he  undertook  transactions with  others  not to  promoteThis does not mean  that  no more  can go  sightseeingThe broker  should  be clear  to indicate that  he "under offer" is.
During  the waiting period, the buyer can  still  undo  the agreementThus, the  opportunity  for  such  experts  to consult.
The reflection  takes  (at least) three  days starting  on the day  following the  day that  the buyer  (by both parties)  signed  certificate  or a copy there of  gets  handedThe  cooling-off period  ends  at midnight  of  the  last day  of the grace periodIt  is not  important  what time  the buyer  a copy of the  document  received

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De huurprijs van de woningen die wij te huur aanbieden is in principe exclusief kosten voor gas, water en elektriciteit. Tevens is een internetaansluiting niet inbegrepen. Ook het huurdersdeel van de gemeentelijke belastingen zijn niet inbegrepen in de huurprijs.

Bij appartementen zijn meestal de servicekosten voor de VvE wel inbegrepen in de huurprijs.


No. The costs  are  not  the  buyer  brokerage feesIf  you hire us  to sell  your property then  you will  have to pay  costs  of our servicesIf  the buyer is  an estate agent  for the purchase  of a home, the  buyer  must pay  cost of  our services.

"buyer's costs"  (kk)  means that the buyer  pays the costs of  the transfer of the  property  accounts forThe "buyers costs" is about 10of the purchase price. Among th e buyers costs  include the  following costs:
- Transfer Tax;
- Notary fees for  drafting the  deed of transfer;
- Land Registry  Fees  for  registration  deed of transfer.

In addition to these  costs, the buyer must  also  take account of:

- Notary fees for  drafting the  mortgage;
- Land Registry  Fees  for  mortgage  registration.

The costs  are  not  the  buyer  brokerage feesIf a seller is  an estate agent  to sell  his / her  property then  the seller will  have to pay  costs  of  this agentIf  the buyer is  an estate agent  for the purchase  of a property, the buyer will  pay the costs  of  this agency  must pay.