You want to know the value of your house. For taking out a mortgage, for example. A valuation provides the answer. The mortgage companies demand that a certified appraiser does the valuation. Eigen Haard can. Our appraiser is registered in the registry of foundation VastgoedCert and is therefore a certified appraiser.

How does the actual valuation go?

Our appraiser values your house on a moment agreed upon. For this he needs the title deed, the data from the land registry and the drawings of your house. During the valuation he pays attention, among other things, to the state of repair, the location and the materials used, but also to obligations and rights, such as rights of way and leasehold and the zoning plan.

After the valuation the NVM appraiser records his findings in a valuation report. This report subsequently is validated by the NWWI, after which it is suitable for the mortgage loan application.

For an informal valuation we refer you to our information ‘Selling your house’.